Cell Phone Users 240 Percent More Prone to Brain Tumors

Cell PhonesA new Swedish study indicates that mobile phone use can raise the risk of brain tumors. In the study, 2,200 cancer patients, and an equal number of healthy control cases, were examined for mobile phone use.

Among the cancer patients, about a tenth of the nearly 1,000 with malignant brain tumors were also heavy mobile phone users.

Heavy use was defined as 2,000 or more hours, or about 10 years' use at an hour per day.

Brain cancer patients also showed a significant increase in risk of tumor for the side of the head where they generally used the mobile phone. The researchers who conducted the study said that the figures demonstrate a 240 percent increased risk of a malignant tumor on that side of the head.

Wired News March 31, 2006

ZDNet March 31, 2006

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