The big three cell phone companies face multimillion-dollar legal actions

Image Hosted by Best believes the firms are preparing for a doomsday scenario in case they are forced to include protective devices with every new mobile phone. The patent documents were uncovered as the big three face multimillion-dollar legal actions by people claiming their health has been damaged. Even with cell phone protection that the companies will finally supply due to the fact they are going to be sued heavily in the near future. This will not do anything for the exposure to the cell phone towers that will affect each and everyone of us. To find some protective devices you can use for your phone now go to Welcome to CPR News


Concealed Cell Sites

Image Hosted by Larson Utility Camouflage - Concealed Cell Sites Concerned about cell phone towers in your neighborhood? The link below takes you to a site that advertises disguises for cell towers, you won't even know they are there! Protecting our children and communities from the hazards of cell towers involves learning the tactics of the telecommunications companies. The FCC has declared the health hazards of cell phone towers an invalid reason to block them from going up in your neighborhood. The most effective argument has been devaluation of property because of a large, ugly tower. These disguises could negate this argument. What can stop these towers from being next to our homes and schools now? Nothing but a unified concern of the people that threatens re-elections. Larson Utility Camouflage - Concealed Cell Sites


Cell Phone Rings Coming to Every Corner of National Parks; Officials Invite Telecom Companies to Fill In �Dead Zones� Throughout Park System

Image Hosted by The National Park Service wants to know how the public feels about cell towers within the recreation area. Yeah right. Tell me another one. As I have pointed out many times in my blog anyone can be bought and unfortunately the National Park Service is proving this point. in Germany and Switzerland thousands and thousands of acres of deforestation occurred during the cold war. Researchers said it was due to acid rain, only one problem, no acid rain in those areas. HMMM. One researcher showed that radar weapons and frequencies from telecommunication systems similar to the current cell tower frequencies caused this problem. He said, the tree's cell membranes would absorb the detrimental fields into their cells and slowly die no matter how how much nutrient rich food they had. I hope his theory is wrong folks. Also, people need to leave their cell phones at home sometimes. We do not need reception on every nook and craney of the earth. This is absurd and ridiculous. They, the scientists and researchers are also proving that these cell towers are extremely dangerous, if not deadly, to birds, widlife, etc... Way to go cell companies you are succeeding in deepening your pockets and at the same time speedng up the destruction of our natural ecosystems. Cell Phone Rings Coming to Every Corner of National Parks; Officials Invite Telecom Companies to Fill In �Dead Zones� Throughout Park System



Image Hosted by This is an interesting read if you want to entertain alternative ideas about the potential dangers of cell phone towers. Read it if you dare. THE TRUTH ABOUT CELL TOWERS