Crime of your employee towards the World Health Organization

For: Director-General Lee Jong-wook World Health Organization Headquarters Avenue Appia 20 1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland Subject: Your urgent interference is needed to investigate a crime of your employee towards the world health Dear Sir, On the 5th of July 2005, it was publically published that your employee, Dr. Michael Repacholi - the person who is responsible for the subject of Cellular Technology health effects evaluation in the world health organization - receives 150,000 dollar a year directly from the cellular phone industry for meetings and travels, this means he broke the rules of the WHO which bar to receive money directly from the industry. In addition Dr. Repacholi is documented to invite power industry representatives in order to review scienctific work and participate actively in evaluating health standards of electromagnetic fields emitted by powerlines. The names of the powerline industry representatives are all documented and all the details described above are attached for you to review. Dr. Repacholi systematically ignored for years many scientific studies with one common ground: all of the studies he ignores are studies of which findings show that the cellular technology is not safe and cannot be freely distributed without a health price for the world population. Dr. Repacholi’s ignoring this, threatens the whole world health as no enemy has ever threatened the world. Dr. Repacholi takes care of the industry’s interests and make the public asleep about the dangers of the technology, proven dangers that were documented in peer reviewed scientific studies. Repacholi’s refusal to guide governments to take the appropriate safety measures cost human lives. Dr. Repacholi was asked to respond to the publication of the money he receives from the industry directly and he did not deny that he receives 150,000 dollars directly from the cellular phone industry- every year. Is it the WHO’s formal policy to cooperate with industry at the public’s expense? If not, why is this case not investigated? You were sent an international petition to remove Dr. Repacholi because he does not serve the public interest. We never received any response from you. Karolinska Institute is one of the key referral institutions for the WHO. That is the reason why we would like to bring to your attention that prof Olle Johansson reported that in Prague conference on electromagnetic sensitivity, Dr. Repacholi distributed disinformation about the acknowledgement of Swedish government in electrosensitivity, and it is not a coincidence that from this conference emerged a recommendation to governments to discourage the public from measuring radiation in their house, this is an active harm to the public because people with high radiation levels in the house are put at risk if they are not taught how to detect it. This is a crime against the public to keep the public ignorant and passive, in order to give the full control to the industry, and to define it is a “scientific” approach. Dr. Repacholi’s connection with industry goes back in years, it is not something new, But it is getting more and more extreme with time at the public expense. The fact that Dr. Repacholi recommends government to DISCOURAGE people from measureing radiation in their house is a good example to the growing extremity. We genuinly hope that the industry’s money doesn’t make other WHO employees blind to public interest, in light of documents that were published lately, which show that tobacco industry and asbestos industry both were very much involved with WHO and managed to prevent stricter actions to protect the public. (documents attached). We are not ready to let it happen again. We are concerned by your lack of response to the published data, because Dr. Repacholi’s evaluation of science is biased. We ask for your urgent interference to investigate conflict of interests of Dr. Repacholi. If we don’t receive your response within the next 2 weeks, we will consider seriously to approach higher or legal channels. Respectfully Robert Rieldlinger Prof Olle Johansson Iris Atzmon Klaus Rodulph BI-OMEGA CI-OMEGA – citizens against radiation imposed on them. Copies: Parliament members of our represented countries and chosen scientists.

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