Australian Special News Report:
"Cell Towers, High Tension Power Lines and Flourescent Lights make for quite an electrical party. Watch the video as they Light Up the Night"

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"Recent studies involving short-term exposures have demonstrated that subtle effects on brain functions can be produced by low-intensity pulse modulated radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Some research involving rodents has shown adverse effects on short-term and long-term memory. The concern is that if such effects may occur in young children, then even slight impairment of learning ability over years of education may negatively affect the quality of life that could be achieved by these individuals, when adults." - Norbert Hankin, Environmental Scientist, EPA's Office of Radiation & Indoor Air, April 26, 2000 To learn about solutions to this everygrowing problem of ElectroMagneticFields go to http://www.danger911.com

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