Electrosensitivity! Is it real?

Image Hosted by This letter is from another blog (link listed below). I find it very interesting and something that needs to be looked at very seriously. 'Electrosensitivity case in London for comments' has been posted to EMFacts Consultancy. ******************************************************* Sadly I am a new sufferer. About 6 weeks ago I suffered some grade of maximum toxicity; Symptoms: *erratic and escalating blood pressure ( I am fit an attaned the gym and eat healthily) *Right eye problems needing glasses, which I have now returned for a refund *right ear sounds *right brain burning sensations *palpitataions *night terrors and insomnia ( I sleep like the proverbial log usually) *right body numbness *vertigo *booming sounds erratically The Local UK GP was concerned that I could be hyper-anxious! So that is as far as I have taken my visits to him. I knew there was something environmentally wrong and I was correct. I moved 8 months ago into a beautiful brand new home backing onto a golf course. Unknbown to me then, there are 12-15 mobile masts across the golf course up to 1.5kms away and these had been bouncing off my rear elevation for 8 months. I work, sleep and cook facing the masts which gives me a 24/7 exposure. The burglar alarm had three room sensors running off microwaves and I had 2 separate DECT phones. A ruthless combination truly enough to cook me well and properly. It is the masts which have caused me most harm. Some nights they emit higher powered rays than others. I have received immense help here in the UK and am widening my net further to find out if there are any other ways I can help myslef and ultimately other sufferers. I have now put my house on the market for sale and hope to move soon. I am unable to function corporately and have not worked for 8 weeks now. I would appreciate any comments people on your list may wish to make. Kind regards Angela Luke North London N20 0NL, UK Email:


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i dunno if my symptoms fall under the category of electrosensitivity.
but i do suffer similarly.
upon prolonged usage of my pc and watchin tv,i get a strange headache which is severe.this increases till the point i stop using my pc & tv.
if i ignore it it becomes very severe and then after 6-7 days of continuous usage,the headache becomes UNBEARABLE which does not subside even after taking painkillers.alongwith it i also develop fever(?) which sometimes rises upto 102F.
after this i am forced to stop using pc and tv for next 7-8 days.
when i had developed fever my doc advised me to undergo some tests for typhoid and malaria.but they obviously turned out 2 b negative.
the headache also increases when i use my cellphone.