"My kids aren't going to be guinea pigs."

Image Hosted by "My kids aren't going to be guinea pigs." It can't be said any better than that folks. The wireless industry is probably the largest experiment know to civilization to date. The experimental group is growing by 46,000 cell phone users a day and 1000's of cell phone tower and sites each month. The telecommunications act of 1996 really thought ahead when they enacted the law to make it illegal for towns to barr cell towers based on health concerns. Then you have towns in need of money and when companies come in like Sprint and pay the local library $2,000 per month to place there tower what do you think they say. You get county advisors who say things "The FCC has found no evidence of harm due to cell towers," Meisse said. "We stand behind that it's not harmful to the community. ... We want to provide good service in the area.". These school systems like North Allegheny Intermediate School only 500 feet from the library (not far enough away, they will be affectedby the RF frequencies), while McKnight Elementary and Carson Middle schools are approximately 1,500 feet away (far enough away unless they really power up the tower which they probably will). The three buildings house close to 3,000 students and faculty. They will wish they listended to the parents in the end but for now unfortunatley money will probably win unless the town really stands up and unites. Good Luck. Cell phone tower issue raised again -

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